The Glasgow Baking Club Picnic

Sorry for the delay in posting about this folks!  I just got back from Malaysia on Sunday night and Kirsteen has been busy working behind the scenes to secure us a venue as we were trying to find an outside space this time so we could have a proper picnic!  This proved more difficult than we expected but we have now confirmed our venue and if you’ve requested a place, you should have received an email with the exact location which is in the West End of Glasgow.

We do still have some spaces so if you would like to come, please get in touch and we’ll add your name to the list.

Here is the list of bakers and their bakes who are coming along to this meeting:

Kirsteen Sausage Rolls
Bex M Quiche?
Joanna Findlay Victoria Sponge
Tracey Bradley Billionaire’s shortbread
Gillian Donohoe Lemon curd empires
Shuna Gillies TBC
Sarah MacPherson TBC
May McCulloch Sweet & Savoury Mini Scones
Leeanne Taggart Cherry Crumble Bake
Kirsty Mini Peach Pies

Can those of you with TBC next to your name please confirm your bakes asap.  Thank you and we’ll see you all tomorrow evening!

If you are no longer able to make it on May 27th, or if something comes up which means you can’t make it, please do let me know ASAP.


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