Our famous GBC member!

You may have seen on our facebook page a few weeks ago that one of our members won a competition to create a new recipe for Borders Biscuits.  Our very own Kirsty Montgomery was selected to have her recipe (Chocolate, Fudge & Peanut Cookies) produced for sale!  At our recent Pink themed event she brought along a sample box to show us before they go into shops at the end of this month and we even got our own mention on the side of the box!



I love the illustration of Kirsty on the bespoke box!



Kirsty and her biscuits

Kirsty and her biscuits


Super exciting, huge congratulations to Kirsty!

You can read more about the competition on Kirsty’s blog, Bake Good, and see what happened when she visited the factory to oversee production of her cookies!  And don’t forget to go and buy your own box when they appear in Tesco in a couple of weeks!



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