Christmas Meeting – The Report

We never had a Christmas meeting last year so it was really nice to get together for a festive gathering this year.   As it’s a bit more tricky to find a venue who will allow us free space at this time of year, I decided to host this meeting at my home.   I love hosting and it’s always nice to have people round when the place is all decorated.

I was a little unorganised after a super busy week but managed to get the cider mulling before everyone arrived and frantically started baking when Tracy and Gillian arrived.   Luckily my recipe was fairly simple and didn’t take long to get in the oven!   We had quite a few last minute cancellations but it ended up being a lovely cosy affair with just 7 of us sat round the kitchen table drinking, eating and chatting all together on a Sunday afternoon.   I had a great afternoon, followed by a quick Pinterest tutorial before everyone left as well! 🙂

Everyone’s bakes were fantastic, I can’t actually choose a favourite although it’s always nice to have a savoury amongst all the sweet cakes and the brownies worked really well with the orange syrup and thick cream Fiona brought to go with them!

Bex Marzipan Berry Cupcakes
Gillian Spiced Cinnamon Cake
Tracy Bradley Christmas Cookies
Shuna Mulled Wine Cupcakes
Fiona Dark Chocolate & Orange Brownies
Cat Reed sage & onion sausage rolls
Kirsty Montgomery Gingerbread Cupcakes with Brown Butter Icing
So many yummy cakes & biscuits!

So many yummy cakes & biscuits!

Spiced Cinnamon Cake - Gillian

Spiced Cinnamon Cake – Gillian

Mulled Wine Cupcakes - Shuna

Mulled Wine Cupcakes – Shuna

Christmas Cookies - Tracy

Christmas Cookies – Tracy

Sage & Onion Sausage Rolls - Cat

Sage & Onion Sausage Rolls – Cat

Orange & Dark Chocolate Cookies - Fiona

Orange & Dark Chocolate Cookies – Fiona

Luckily my cakes were out of the oven fairly quickly and we enjoyed them hot!

Marzipan Berry Cupcakes - Bex

Marzipan Berry Cupcakes – Bex

Kirsty gave me a beautiful bottle of vanilla extract which I only noticed later that she made herself!


And Tracy brought along gifts for Kirsteen (who sadly couldn’t make it) and I to thank us for organising the meetings!   So lovely – one was wrapped and I was instructed to put it under the tree but the bag also contained this bundt tin!   And I’ve already found a recipe to christen it with! 🙂


We also had an optional dress code for this meeting so we had to pose for a group photo by the tree in our Christmas jumpers! 🙂




2 thoughts on “Christmas Meeting – The Report

  1. Christmas was definitely resident in your home that Sunday Bex! The smell of the mulled, cider, the Christmas themed bakes and best of all, your beautiful Christmas tree, even Scrooge would have felt that warm Christmas glow! Looking forward to all the 2014 meetings and all the amazing bakes still to taste. Thanks again for having us in your home at a busy time of year.

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