Valentine’s Event – The Report

We held our Valentine’s themed event on Monday and had a lovely time at The Waverley Tea Rooms in the Southside of Glasgow.   When I contacted Waverley Tea Rooms they were most welcoming and delighted to offer us space.  We were allowed to take over their entire conservatory room which proved to be a lovely meeting place and we were very happy being able to spread out and relax in our own little area.  Although this meant we could open this event up to more people, we ended up with quite a few last minute cancellations due to various reasons so it ended up being another quite cosy affair with just 8 of us.


They didn’t mind in the slightest that there were only a few of us as they were particularly quiet on a February Monday evening anyway and we still drank copious amounts of tea and coffee with all our cakes 😉  We were very well looked after!



The Waverley Tea Rooms is a great venue which also has a fantastic outdoor space which is always buzzing in the summer.  I’ve enjoyed dinner there and their Sunday roast before and love their cocktails too!  I actually booked it for my work’s Christmas night out a couple of years ago (also in the conservatory) and everyone still agrees it was the best food we’ve had on a work night out.  They have a great selection of wines too and I am partial to their French Martinis!  😉

And, so to the cakes.

We enjoyed a lovely array of pink, red and heart themed bakes as detailed below…

Bex Apple hand pies with a cheese crust
Kirsteen Jammie Dodgers
Laura Raspberry, coconut and white chocolate bites
Sarah Gibson Chocolate Tiramisu Cupcakes
Flora Salted Caramel Tarts
Shelia Jones Meringue Kisses
Shuna Passion fruit sponge
Kirsty Montgomery Grapefruit sandwich biscuits
Bex - Heart Apple hand pies with cheese crust

Bex – Heart Apple hand pies with cheese crust

Sheila - Meringue Kisses

Sheila – Meringue Kisses

Kirsty - Grapefruit biscuits

Kirsty – Grapefruit biscuits

Sarah - Tiramisu cupcakes

Sarah – Tiramisu cupcakes

Laura - Raspberry, white chocolate & coconut

Laura – Raspberry, white chocolate & coconut

Flora - Salted caramel tarts

Flora – Salted caramel tarts

Kirsteen - Jammie Dodgers

Kirsteen – Jammie Dodgers

Shuna - Passionfruit sponge

Shuna – Passionfruit sponge

The cakes and bakes were all delicious as usual and we had a wonderful evening!  Thank you to everyone who came and to The Waverley Tea Rooms for providing such a  fab venue!


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