Election Bakes in May

IMG_5599 IMG_5610 IMG_5611 IMG_5610 IMG_5604 IMG_5599 IMG_5597 IMG_5622 IMG_5619 IMG_5614 IMG_5613Thursday 7 May at 7.00pm, Election Day, the scene was set.  Tables set with gorgeous vintage crockery, pristine tablecoths and the kettle on the boil at The Butterfly and Pig, 151 Bath Street, Glasgow. 


The theme was Election Bakes, a one off opportunity for delving into politics without any bitter aftertaste.


We were delighted to welcome three new members, Sa Na, Sarvat and Sara to join us for the evening.  After taking our seats, setting out our bakes and generally getting comfy,  we tucked into the delicious array of bakes on offer.  What a great start – No 10 Downing Street in cake!  Closely followed by Eton Mess Cake – how very appropriate!  Fruit Scones – maybe just a wee hint of fruitcakes rattling around in Parliament?.  Ginger Parlies, also known as Scottish Parliament Cakes – a traditional Scottish biscuit first supplied to the gentry and Members of the Scottish Parliament many years ago.  Rocky Road – it certainly was, with the odd landslide thrown in!  Chocolate and no Pecan in the Ballot Box Tarts – we would never do that, would we? .  Pancakes – in hindsight maybe rename Scottish National Pancakes and Ed’s Glittery Balls – not so glittery now!


The cakes and bakes were all delicious and along with copious amounts of tea and coffee, we had a wonderful evening.  Not surpisingly we have voted a big fat YES for another meeting in around 6 weeks!


Thank you to everyone who came and to The Butterfly and Pig for a providing such a fantastic venue!


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