July Meet Up: Scandinavian and Summer Festival Bakes at Swedish Affair

20150722_193138_resizedWednesday 22nd of July saw a swarm of cake and bake lovers make their way to Swedish Affair in Royal Exchange Square, clutching the usual array of Tupperware, cake tins and carefully wrapped delights to share with like-minded people. Our theme for this meeting, given our host venue and time of year, was Scandinavian and Summer Festival Bakes and I’m still salivating thinking of all those sweet and savory creations that adorned the table.
A big thanks must go to our host for the evening, Jonathan Goslan, not only for allowing us to take over his lovely café but also for talking to us about his new business and the unique Swedish bakes that are made in store.
We had an amazing turn out for this meet up, with a lovely mix of the usual suspects, the friendly faces not seen for a while and some lovely first timers who we hope to welcome back to many more meetings still to come. With around 20 people turning out, there was a lot of cake and bakes to make our way through and thankful, there were a few savory bakes in amongst the sweet treats, so after the welcomes and introductions, it was time to get stuck in.
Peaches and cream cup cakes, Pimms cup cakes, Norwegian Bundt cake, Finish caramel cakes, cinnamon buns, orange and polenta cake, savory muffins, Swedish rye crisp bread, Swedish Almond cake, Swedish apple cake, Swedish chocolate balls, strawberry meringues, Swedish chocolate cake, coconut biscuits, almond and raspberry jam bors, cardamom cookies, strawberry and rhubarb pastries and Swedish rye bread with butter.
With such a mix of bakes, there was something for everyone and as always at bake club, plenty to of offerings to take home and enjoy all over again the next day ( who am I kidding, I’m lucky if I manage the walk to my car without finish off my selection never mind them lasting till the following day!)
All in all, I think its safe to say the Glasgow Baking Club had another successful meet up, so if you would like to join us for more baking fun, look out for an update on where and when our next meet up will be by following us on Facebook, until then, happy baking!























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