Cake Sale in aid of Beatson Cancer Charity. Have a Heart and Get Involved!

Glasgow Baking Club have been offered a wonderful opportunity to host a Bake Sale in aid of the Beatson Cancer Charity at the new Waitrose Milngavie store on the afternoon of Sunday 22 November from 2-4pm. We are looking for bakers, friends and family to join in the fun and make the afternoon a huge success! We need to confirm the booking by Monday – please let us know below if you would like to join in – the more the merrier! Free parking, family friendly facilities and a lovely new store to browse! Simply visit our Facebook page: Glasgow Baking Club and let us know if you would like to be part of this event or find out more about it. To find out more about the charity itself, visit the link below.


Mad Hatter’s Tea Party: October Meet Up

“I’m Late, I’m late for a very important date” The very apt words flashing through my mind as I battled my way through the sea of football fans also heading to the South side of Glasgow on Thursday 8th of October, but little did we all know then, that those heading to Loks Bar & Kitchen on Newlandsfield Road for our Mad Hatters Tea Party themed meet up, would have the more successful evening than those heading to Hampden (unless you’re a Poland Footy Fan of course!)

As well as Loks Bar & Kitchen, our hosts for the night were members of Glasgow Branch of British Sugarcraft Guild, who made us all feel extremely welcome. As we arrived, the scene was set for a Sugarcraft masterclass by the very talented ( and dare I say modest) Lynnette Russell who before our very eyes turned a humble walnut whip ( yes, a walnut whip!) into the most amazing Mad Hatters hat cake topper in what seemed like seconds. Lynette also shared tips on how to turn a mini chocolate roll into a red letter box for Christmas themed cake decorations and loads more advice on how to turn fondant into show stopper cake toppers ( someone get that woman a book deal!)

With a table groaning under the weight of the many Mad Hatter themed bakes, it was time to stop talking and start eating our way through a red velvet cake, The Mad Hatter Tea Party Victoria Sponge table, chocolate sponge and a carrot Rabbit down the hole cakes, white Rabbit cheese cake, tablet, mini Victoria sponge cakes with edible flags and lemon curd filling, white chocolate and cappuccino cake, banana loaf, chocolate covered meringues , lemon flavoured bunny cupcakes, raspberry heart tarts , peanut crispy squares and a lovely touch of savory in the form of pastry shaped carrots filled with roast carrot puree, yuuuuummmmmmmmmm.

Of course, that talk of the night was all about the Great British Bake Off Final ( that and the many new-found uses for a walnut whip!) but by 9.15pm it was time for us all to disappear down our own sugar induced rabbit holes with our trusty Tupperware crammed full of little tasters of everyone’s amazing bakes to share with those back home who were not lucky enough to get a seat at the mad Hatters table that night.

Thank you once again to Sheila Jones, Chair of the Glasgow Branch of the British Sugarcraft Guild and all the other members for a lovely evening and we hope this is the first of many joint events.

Look out for updates on our Charity Meet Up planned for November, more info to come.

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