Christmas Meet Up

Twas two weeks before Christmas , when all through the house, Glasgow Baking Club members started thinking about,

The sweet treats and baking they would need to create, all wrapped up and ready for the next meeting date

Like church mice they scuttled, to a wee place out west, who’s biscuits and tray bakes are simply the best

It’s called Cup and Saucer, a Christmas delight, with Samantha the owner pouring us coffee all night

With fillings for stockings the theme for the night, the baking created was truly a sight

From ginger bread parcels and ginger bread men, ginger bread cup cakes, a Christmas truffle or 10

Vieneese mince pies, Christmas brownies galore, macaron Christmas puddings, oh I wish I had more

Some oat cakes and dips, a savoury delight, a great lego sponge cake was a colourful sight

Rich Florentine biscuits, almond choc Christmas trees and some white chocolate biscuits created by me

Janet and John owners, a shop right next door, popped in for a wee chat to let us all know, that their shop door was open for presents galore, such as home crafts and knitting and ooh so much more

Once more our club bakers did not let us down, with our Christmas themed meet up the talk of the town.

So thank you club members for your support all this year. May I wish you a Merry Christmas with festive good cheer.



our lovely host Samantha at Cup and saucer



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